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Grant Amon

Grant Amon Architects involvement in design has spanned a variety of projects ranging from residential projects and commercial fit outs through to the hospitality industry with a range of restaurants, hotels, bars and cafes. Based in St.Kilda, the  practice actively pursues an ongoing interest in spatial manipulation, the crafting of objects and incorporation of local references and histories. Recently expanding to include larger scale multi- use projects, including inner urban renewal, coastal and alpine resorts, tourism, landscape & retailprojects, GAA capabilities are  broad based, flexible and environmentally responsible.
With a high emphasis on design particular to each project we aim to produce unique and efficient solutions for our clients.

Contact Details :
Grant Amon Architects Pty Ltd
Suite 102/125 Fitzroy street,
St. Kilda
VIC 3182
Phone: (03) 9593-9944
Fax: (03) 9593-9697

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1. Design Intent:
With all projects the design intent varies from project to project but still needs to maintain an overall design attitude that  is relevant to each particular job. We develop the design from initial conceptual ideas that through a progression of testing & elimination lead to the refined product. Usually the Marblo® component of the project is a strong visual element that requires expression through the range of colour and surface finish available.
2. Why specify Marblo®:
We have found the durability, colour and flexibility of Marblo® to be highly beneficial for a range of commercial & residential projects. From commercial bar / cafe bench tops, wall panels or backlit partitions to domestic applications for kitchens & bathrooms we have been very satisfied with the results. Marlbo not only provides a durable smooth finish but the range of colour and texture available is outstanding.
 3. Benefits of using Marblo®:
As well as what has been mentioned above, one of the great benefits of marblo is its flexibility of use and application where different shapes, curves and forms can be produced. The potential use of light against the soft finish of the product is also a highly desirable application. Also the durability of the material that allows for buffing out any surface scratches or blemishes through use, is of great benefit.

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Marblo Surfaces

Unit 1, 35 Prime Drive
Seven Hills NSW 2147
Ph 1300 MARBLO (627 256)
F +612 9683 7088




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